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Meet Ireland’s ‘35 Marathon Man’ … the first man to run a Lap of Ireland.

Donate one Euro per marathon… and support 3 charities with one click.

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Every donation, no matter the size, will change a life.

Alan Corcoran, 21, from Waterford is taking on the challenge of his life… to help save lives from stroke and spread more hope. And all he wants in return, is a euro for every marathon he completes.

Some people like to run from top to bottom or from east to west. Maybe even diagonally. But Alan likes to start as he means to finish. And finish in the same place he started. Which is why Alan is going to become the first man to run a lap of Ireland starting from his hometown of Waterford city. Yes, you read correctly – that’s 35 marathons, in 35 days. Or 917 miles…

And now for the breakdown:

What:35 marathons, 35 days, 917 miles
Who:21 year old male, 25 All-Ireland athletics medals
Why:to help save lives from stroke and spread hope
When:start date 27 May, Waterford city  finish date 30 June, Waterford city
Charities:Irish Heart Foundation, National Rehabilitation Centre and the Football Village of Hope charity