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About Alan

It’s not every day a guy decides to run 35 marathons back to back and the burning question on most people’s minds is – why?

Why have I decided to run 917 miles around Ireland? Surely that’s pure madness! They may be right but don’t you agree there has to be a bit of madness for a challenge to be truly great? The truth is I have always loved sports and like any competitive athlete, I love the adrenalin and excitement building up to a challenge and the sense of achievement crossing the finish line.

But more than that, I want to make a difference. And the best way I know how, is through running. By taking running to the extreme I want to catch everybody’s attention and raise awareness about STROKE, the sudden illness that struck my dad in March 2011. Every gruelling mile I run is a tribute to the daily fight endured by people all over Ireland to overcome their stroke.


My dad, former FAI President Milo Corcoran, was struck down by stroke in March 2011. Thankfully, after months of physio, he has made an almost full recovery and has even returned to driving again. But I know from the Irish Heart Foundation that my dad is one of the lucky ones. Stroke can kill and it can severely disable with very little warning which is why EVERYONE needs to know how to Act FAST

The Irish Heart Foundation launched the FAST stroke symptom campaign and it has saved many lives to date. But lives are at risk due to lack of funding for this lifesaving campaign. I need your help to bring it back to Irish TV screens urgently.

Please donate to the Irish Heart Foundation and sponsor me in my quest to run a lap of Ireland in May.